Glastonbury Festival, Photo-Tag On World's Most

Want to know the most photo-tag on the world? The answer, featuring a giant photo crowd who attended the Glastonbury Festival is held in English.

How not, these photos are tagged by more than eight thousand people! High-resolution photo-quality giant is showing around 70 thousand spectators crowded festival, stung by the sun and wet by sweat.

Who would have thought, after being published through the Orange website, the photo was just a fad that will likely catapult the record for most online photo tagged.

Since published on June 29 last, the people who attended the Glastonbury festival in 1300 bersolusi megapixel photos look it, find themselves and to download the tags through Facebook. Yes, people was tagged in the photo when the photo they connect with their names and their Facebook accounts.

Those who saw the photo can also zoom in, zoom out or rotate 180 degrees to be able to see clearly who the people around him. Fun, this picture is used also to find and connect again with friends who met during the festival.

Head of Brand Partnerships Orange, Andrew Pearcey, hoping to photograph on its Web site that can get listed in the Guinness World Record. "We are very pleased that there are more than 7,000 spectators a festival together and perform calculations. As such, we are able to create a new record for the Guinness World Record," he said.

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