Mbah Marijan Interpreter Lock Mount Merapi

Many memories of the death of the caretaker of Mount Merapi, Mbah Marijan. Mbah Marijan died after Merapi volcano erupts with lava and heat alert issued very dasat. Grandma's death made the ranks of companies Maridjan PT Sido Appears in mourning. Imagine, the caretaker of Mount Merapi is one of the commercials these herbal products company.

Owner Appears Sido, Irwan Hidayat, told of how the introduction by the Mbah until going into commercials. "I was amazed because he was not dazzled by worldliness," Irwan said via telephone on Wednesday (27/10). Introduction occurred on May 28, 2006, a day after an earthquake measuring 7.6 Richter scale memorakporandakan Yogya, Bantul, Prambanan, Wonosari, and Klaten. The meeting took place at home Mbah Maridjan, in Hamlet Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman regency. Which introduce is Mr. Sumadi Wonohito (deceased), owner of People's Sovereignty Yogya Daily.

When introducing Irwan, Sumadi said, "Mr. Irwan is from Jakarta, a large herb plant owner, the owner of Sido Appear." But Mbah Marijan simply replied, "Injih ... injih ... injih (iya. .. yes ... yes)."

Because the answer is just "injih", Pak Sumadi added, "Mr. Irwan was a rich man." But back Mbah Mardijan still answered "injih" with a face that seemed to turn away. Mbah Maridjan warm new willing to talk when Irwan introduced himself as the brother-in-law Ir Anton Sujarwo from Yayasan Dian Desa, not as rich. When introduced as a brother in law Anton Mbah Maridjan was just about to stare towards Irwan and shook hands once again Irwan.

"If Mas Anton, I know. He's a good fellow. In 1974, Mas Anton right that gives water to the inhabitants of this region, which is accepted by Mbah Hargo, my father," said Mbah Maridjan Irwan imitate speech at the time.

"And if in the end Mbah Maridjan want to help Sido Appears to be advertising stars Kukubima Ener-G, was due to consideration that I was younger brothers Anton Sujarwo and want to repay my sister in law," said Irwan.

Irwan got the idea of ad "A brave man" from his friend, Harry Cahyono. The ad inspired Mbah Maridjan courage to face the eruption of Mount Merapi. While others fled, he remained in his house and perform the ritual.

Location filming was in Kaliadem, near the house Mbah Maridjan. At that time, Merapi was out hot clouds. "If I have to repeat this time filming in a place like that again, I would not dare. Courage is what drives me and the team dared to shoot in that place?" Irwan said.

The last time Irwan tries to communicate with Mbah Maridjan is on Tuesday (26/10), while Merapi spewing hot clouds. At that time, at around 19:20, Irwan call Asih, one child Mbah Maridjan.

He got word that the whole family has gone Mbah Maridjan displaced, while Mbah Maridjan not want to go down despite being forced by her family. "To his son, Mbah Maridjan said you'd pray. And the night turned out to Grandma's house burn trash wedhus Maridjan," said Irwan.

Thursday (28/10) afternoon, Mbah Maridjan corpse buried in public cemeteries in Hamlet Srunen, Glagahardjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman regency. Owner name Penewu Suraksohargo Mas, which means keeper of the mountain, is survived by his wife, Ponirah (73), five children, eleven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Mbah Maridjan was born in 1927 in Hamlet Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo Village, District Cangkringan. In 1970, Mbah Maridjan appointed as the Sultanate palace courtiers. Name Mas Penewu Suraksohargo it is giving Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX.

As courtiers, Mbah Maridjan had been named as caretaker deputy with the rank of Mantri Interpreter Lock, accompanied his father who served as caretaker of Mount Merapi.

Mbah Maridjan died in faithfulness as servants assigned to keep the Mount Merapi. His body was found in a kneeling position after the eruption of Merapi hit his home in Kinahrejo, Tuesday (26/10) evening.

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