Virus Shocking McDonald up

5 Steps to Clean up Account

A malicious program that scalp name 'McDonalds' or the so-called Shocking McDonald, sprang up. If a victim, your Facebook account will distribute it to all contacts.

Of course it is very annoying. In addition there are also potential used for the benefit that can not be accounted for.

Then, how do I fix this? Consider the following steps as presented Alfons Tanujaya, Vaksincom antivirus analysts, quoted by Blogger Garut Website, Saturday (30/10/2010):

1. If you have already become victims and spread the Event Invitation to all your contacts, immediately inform all contacts up to you to not click the link provided let alone to approve the installation of the application.

2. Click the [Account] [Privacy Settings]. You will open a menu of "Choose Your Privacy Settings"

3. Click [Edit your settings] from the menu "Applications and Websites" in the lower left corner to open the menu of "Choose Your Privacy Settings> Applications, Games and Websites"

4. Click [Remove unwanted or spammy applications] to open the screen "Applications, Games and Websites> Applications You Use" and click the X on the "Edit Settings"

5. You will get a confirmation screen Remove, click the [Remove] to remove the program HD Video Player.

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