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Bleach 298 Watch Online, Bleach Episode 297, Bleach Episode 298 Video Stream. Here is a list of characters in manga and anime series 'Bleach'. For clarity, the characters here are divided over where they live: in the human world, Soul Society, or the Hueco Mundo. In addition to the information contained in the chapters of the manga and the episodes in this series, Tite Kubo enter profile characters on the back of several volumes of books Bleach, where the profile of these characters reveal their personalities are not disclosed in the main storyline. Kubo also often associate the characters with songs and music from a variety of specific genres and artists. In his anime, these characters are designed by Masashi Kudo. Bleach is a cartoon film which tells the story of pirates, movie bleach episode 298 who currently enjoy doing a cartoon movie lovers. previously 197, now being crowded in the waiting is bleach episode 298 video streams.

Karin Kurosaki: voice: Rie Kugimiya

Karin is the daughter of Isshin cynical and sarcastic. Compared to her twin sister that gentle, Karin, she was more spirited leadership. Karin is a skilled football player, even able to beat hollow weak kicks. Karin attitude that looks hard hearts is caused by the death of his mother. He always felt not good at household work such as Yuzu, and he promised never to cry so he would not burden their families with personal problems. Karin is a sensible person, and will never hesitate to kick him in the head while his father is being unreasonable. At first, he did not believe that ghosts exist, although he could see the souls that like Ichigo. However, he was willing to use this particular ability to get a little money, for example by joining the leadership of Don Karakura Super Heroes Kanonji as Karakura Red. Karin actually know that Ichigo is a shinigami and want to know why Ichigo must sacrifice in such a way. In Japanese, the word "Kerry" is a homonym of "fruit kwinsi Japan" (a type of pear), which matches when compared with "Ichigo" which is a homonym of "strawberries."

Yuzu Kurosaki (voice: Tomoe Sakuragawa)

Yuzu is not an identical twin sister of Karin (both born on the 6th of May), and more gentle than the harsh Karin. It is also more emphatic than Karin. Yuzu is a job taking care of the household, such as cooking and tidying up the living room every day. He also cut off Ichigo's hair regularly. Yuzu loved playing with Kon, although he did not know that Kon is actually alive. He often dressed Kon with women's clothing, gluing accessories and accessories to a body-Kon, which makes Kon often feel very embarrassed. Unlike Karin and Ichigo, Yuzu can only see ghosts vaguely. Both twin brother is also working in the clinic Kurosaki family. In Karakura Super Heroes, Yuzu is Karakura Yellow. The word "Yuzu" berhomonim with "lemon Japan"

Masaki Kurosaki: (voice: Sayaka Ohara)

Masaki, born on June 9, and died on 17 June, is the mother of Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin. He died when Ichigo was a kid, and his death greatly affect the Kurosaki family. Isshin Masaki put a big poster on the wall and sometimes talking and crying in front of posters with jenakanya. At first, Ichigo thinks that her mother is dead because of falling debris, but some time later did he realize that the hollow Grand Fisher was the one who killed her mother. Actually, the Grand Fisher initially wanted to kill Ichigo, but he was so kill Masaki because his favorite against female victims. Isshin and Ichigo themselves to blame for the death of Masaki. Since his death, his three children's personality changed drastically. Ichigo, who was a coward now a grumpy, whiny Yuzu which had now turned into a reliable housewife, and Karin who was also now a tough-minded crybaby.

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