Carrie Underwood Wedding ring and CMA Awards

Today was so crowded some of the media and the bloggers who publish about Carrie Underwood Wedding, I became curious to know, and tried to read some articles that have been friends first to know about Carrie Underwood Wedding. After I read turned out to Carrie Underwood's wedding ring and CMA Awards. There are some notes I read from some articles, so sorry if I have an error in pengartiannya, ma `not yet read it in passing and do not really know in detail.

A married woman proud, Carrie Underwood left her cute clothes back stage briefly while he entertained in a black tuxedo and showing off her wedding ring at the CMA Awards.

American Idol winner, Underwood, 27, is married to Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher in July at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia.

Other notes from the CMA Awards - the song that brings tears the most. This is a mother, but that's about the people he loves. Zap 2 It News said: "After the performance of open-rip roarin 'from" Songs like this, "Carrie Underwood brought down to perform his new hit" Mama Song "as her mother Carole, watching from the audience The song is about. Carrie convince her mother because she found a real man who treats him well "CMA Awards. emotional Carrie Underwood's 'Song Mama'

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