El Clon Capitulo 193. Chapter Summary 188 El Clon Capitulo. At the bar, Cristina (Geraldine Zivic) invites Dora (Indhira Serrano) and Vicky (Stephanie Gomez) to his wedding. Dora Vicky suggested to pay attention to Miguel (Fernando Perea) before someone stole it, because good people.

Albieri (Roberto Moll) get rid of Luisa (Adrian Romero) and arrive at your meeting with Amalia (Paula Barreto), promised to tell you about the clone.

El Clon Capitulo 189, El Clon Capitulo 190, El Clon Capitulo 191, El Clon Capitulo 192. Said (Juan Pablo Raba) go home happy to see that she breathes in harmony. Nazira (Andrea Montenegro) said that he kept his promise.

At home in Dora, Daniel (Mauritius Ochmann) talks about Natalia (Laura Perico) and sympathy between them. It takes about chocolate.

At home, Cristina finally chose for her wedding dress, very unconventional.

Ferrer's house, Lucas (Mauritius Ochmann) slapped Natalie after she reached her room and mess ignored Marisa (Andrea Lopez), who had feared. Lucas and Natalia heavily discussed. Lucas warns him that if he continues it will give back. Natalia thinks she hates him. Shortly thereafter, Lucas asks Leonardo (Saul Lisazo) how you can get married at such times, Leonardo replied that no conditions of life to make Natalia, necessary for life.

In panel Glory (Linda Lucía Callejas), Ramon (Jairo Andrés Guerrero) said Alejandro (Roberto Manrique) that the owner of the department called to ask for money owed to you or to contact the police. Ramon also said all Dona Gloria.

In the mansion Ferrer, Natalia went to get high again. Lucas chase, but he took refuge in the arms of Daniel. Do you deal with Lucas?, "He will find his problem, will help you overcome them?

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