Four Loko's Banned In Ohio

Four Lokos Banned In Ohio Phusion Projects' announcement Tuesday night that it was voluntarily remove caffeine of herb-caffeine drink, Four locomotive, not enough to stop the beatdown from the federal government. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday announced that it has sent warning letters to Phusion and three other companies that make popular malt beverage, which contained with alcohol and caffeine, a potentially dangerous combination that has led to four countries to ban the beverages.

In a statement, the FDA said the drink "is a public health problem." Body Caffeine is classified as "unsafe food additive" and said there might be further action against four companies, including their inventory seizure under federal law. The other three manufacturers are warned:

* Charge Beverage Corp., maker or HG High Gravity Core, Core High Gravity and HG OrangeCore Lemon Lime Spiked.
* New Century Brewing Co., maker of Moonshot.
* United Brands Company and Max Joose maker.

Three graduates of Ohio State University who runs the Project issued a statement Phusion Four Tuesdaysaying locomotive will no longer contain caffeine, as well as two other ingredients Guarana and taurine. But the statement basically rule out any blame. "We have repeatedly argued - and still believe, as did many people across the country That combination of alcohol and caffeine is safe. If it is not safe, popular drinks such as rum and cola or Irish coffee has been consumed safely and responsibly for many years will face the same oversight that our product has just encountered.

"We took this step after trying - failing - to navigate a difficult and politically charged environmental regulations in both state and federal level. "Four of the locomotive, which come in different flavors, has a lot of alcohol was 23.5-ounce can a 4.7 12-ounce cans of Budweiser. It also has a value of 2-3 cups' of coffee, and health
Officials have warned that the stimulant effect may cause consumers to continue to drink, good past the point of intoxication.

FDA was first launched investigations of alcoholic energy drinks a year ago, and during has been temporarily drinks have become popular, especially after nine Central Washington students go to hospital after becoming ill at the four locomotive. To the family of man 20 years in Florida is suing Phusion Projects after he accidentally shot himself Four locomotive while drunk.

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