Ver Alguien Te Mira Capitulo 54

Ver Alguien Te Mira Capitulo 54, Alguien Te Mira Capitulo,Ver Alguien mira Glance. Antiago, 1992 Rodrigo Quintana, Piedad Estevez, Julian Garcia and Benjamin Morandé inseparable friends. Full of ideals and plans for the future, studying medicine and had a dream to work together to help the needy. Rodrigo is the most charismatic intelligent, natural leader of the group.

His personality wins over Mercy live with love the intense and stormy, while Julian loved him in silence. But the intensity of Quintana added to the addiction to drugs and alcohol interfere to end the relationship with Mercy. As far as who disappeared from their lives after a confusing incident that left one person dead and Mercy hospitals. Rodrigo Quintana walked away from his friends and study to go into a rehabilitation clinic abroad.

After this incident Piedad was never again the same. Santiago, 2007 Today, 15 years later, when Benjamin, Julian and Mercy have forgotten that time, Rodrigo returned to their lives. Eye Clinic partners Garcia and Associates, the three doctors found that the return of Rodrigo Quintana, after years of living in Europe, very disturbing. Friends have changed. While Quintana choose a simple lifestyle in a rural clinic, her friends had collected a small fortune to operate the eyes of high society.

His return also causes a break in the routine of Mercy, who found that, despite everything, Rodrigo was still a big love in his life. But love will not be the only thing that changed the lives of this group of friends. While all present at a charity event, will witness the crime. The victim, Mary Grace Carpenter, a well-known socialite, will be the third death that rocked the city.

Before him, the mysterious disappearance of a powerful executive Angela Argento followed closely by the police and the press. Their investigation led them to conclude that they are in front of a psychopath and serial killer, whose victims are women, beautiful, independent, high society. All were killed with the same modus operandi: a piece in and direct them reach the heart. While all are suspect. Slowly the circle narrowed and the guilty will begin to get stuck. Ver Alguien Te Mira Capitulo 55, Ver Alguien Te Mira Capitulo 56.

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