Ver Soy Tu dueña Capitulo 143 to 144

Today is still posted on the telenovela that was crowded discussed some good people in the country and abroad. Salasatu telenovela currently enjoy doing by people who like a telenovela. To date I have not ever watch this show, just know from some friends and the media that the film is highly favored by the people.
Below are articles on the news about a movie telenovela Ver Soy Tu dueña Capitulo 142 to 143, 144 , hopefully this article can be petrified pal who did not get to watch this telenovela.
Le confiesa of the Lion from the José Miguel Rosendo art upon which Padre, prepare for and speak no matter its announcement during the

Renewing del chapter 142

La encarnizada Before the announcement of the Rosendo (to throw the Goyri) y José Miguel (Fernando Colunga), Leo (Jacqueline Andes) no and Saber hacer.

En la hacienda, Crisanta (Rossana San Juan) said that from le Iluminada (Fatima Torre) and shall Rosendo desbarató upon a cottage from the wrath from the living things to come, con el Padre (Raúl Padilla 'Chóforo').

Más slowly, Ivan acude Con Moses (David Ostrosky) pedirle ayuda para. Ella le da un cheque, which Valentina le say that he speak the Semanus la anterior open air, the royal le adelantó su cumpleaños y of the lo Usar ese dinero para el departamento of a enganche, pues su hijo en la Ciudad nacerá of Mexico.

The bench, jumping, del de San Pedro, los testigos asesinato del Óscar came forward out of the pasar en su Ivan from the cot. Immediately out of the La mujer la reconoce.

José Miguel le pide by Leo which we consider to prepare to continue vaya con la muerte from the Peleus against Rosendo, et al ir en desventaja, logra la takes out of the Rogues Rosendo y le LANCE speak and say, their steps en eso le confiesa of the Lion and the art upon El Padre. José Miguel himself from the aceptarlo niega y huye out of the AHI, the pig from the Padre dejando black. Rosendo llena himself out of the pain Rabbi et al Saber y la verdad.

Lo, esos instants of time, Valentina llega por su hacienda from the end.

En 'Los Cascabeles', Iluminada (Fatima Torre) from the enfrenta Ivan (Gabriela Spanic), le REFLECT venderle por el pasaporte out of the Valentina (Lucero) from the Rosendo. Ivan le cachetada give one.

Mientras of so enormous, Felipe (Fabian Robles) y Sandra (Cristina Obregón) Todos hacen lo posible por Zamarripa are saved from the en El quirófano.

El no le permitirá Sindica, from the Laguna Celsus, EL out of the ahijado Zamarripa, irse del Puebla. Saber Perot ahora lo and Rosendo y entre sucedió Zamarripa. Necesitan him save himself, and El y para capturar from the interrogarlo Rosendo. Alonso (David Zepeda) y Horacio (Eduardo Capetillo) serán los encargados of the recovery of its out of the cuidar.

Lo otro Punto de San Pedro the Lion 's from the le Explain to Rosendo and Federico (Eric del Castillo) estéril mistress Ella y no deseaba which we consider to which of the enterara tendría un hijo suyo, pues siempre ha Sido, a beast from the un not know it. Rosendo le advierte which pagará deceit upon which con lo más le Duel. Ella le advierte which no podrá hacerle nada from the José Miguel porque su art Blood, Rosendo le aclara their steps and prepare for El sigue siendo un Montesinos.

Los Seres queridos out of the Valentina la reciben en su house, José Miguel la lleva su spear, as a dwelling.

En la Clinica, Felipe Zamarripa Explain to which the operation of a sobrevivió a la, if the plant their steps from the salvarse llega quedará confinado from the one of the Silla ruedas, pues los unlike one of the le la afectó a column. Lo, ese a moment, Amparito (Anabel Ferreira) and say le encontraron y Valentina from the obligation, from the IR verla.

Behold, the threats of Caribbean, Rosendo cuenta himself out of the grant and Valentina y no está en explota fury to these rebels. ¿Vengará Himself? ¿Como? Regresará ¿por Ella?  Hopefully increase the knowledge for which no sempet watch, this article was taken from several online media that cited by Blogger Garut website

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