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332 MUMBAI TO INDIA Movie Online. Bollywood slowly emerged into the industry that not only makes commercial potboilers cinema but also wise. And '332 Mumbai for India 'falls within the second category. The film, claims in media reports, will make you think about important things that we otherwise brush aside.

'332 Mumbai for India 'based on the true story of a public display of hostility on the streets of Mumbai, when Mumbaikars beat to death a few North Indian tourist waiting in the Kalyan railway station in an effort to expel UPites of their domain. The story begins with young Marathi hijacking of a bus that runs between Andheri and Kurla Mumbai region. Here is a series of incidents directly affected by the actions of children's Marathi.

This film will help to answer some questions that arise from the concept of communalism which is still rampant in India. In the '332 Mumbai For India, there is a young man who is UPite but has spent his entire life in the city of Mumbai. On the other hand, there is a group of friends consisting of Mumbaiites and Bihari. Non-Mumbaikers nothing to do with the riots in Kalyan railway station on that fateful day because they do not support discrimination from society.

Film: 332 Mumbai To India; Director: Mahesh Pandey; Cast: Asgar Ali, Chetan Pandit, Vijay Mishra, Mukherjee Sharbani; Genre: Thriller

But it will change their perceptions after a bus hijacking incident? Will hijackers to prove his point? These are questions that will be answered when you visit your nearest cinema this month. '332 Mumbai India To play in cinemas from December 17.

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