El Clon Capitulo 181 Final Online

El Clon Capitulo 181 Final, The stories of military Carlitos (Ricardo Gomez) involve the audience. Tell me how it happened, with a pregnancy test Karina, anger Merche (Ana Duato) to Antonio (Imanol Arias), and grandmother suffered from running to help his granddaughter Agnes rough, check back the first time on 1 with a share of 24.3% and nearly five million viewers. Wow also to the chapter of a country Navarra eat it, with Imanol Arias and Juan Echanove who ran 18.4 with more than 2.8 million followers in the late evening.

Mercedes Mila, wearing a book in honor of the Nobel Literature Prize on Friday to receive Mario Vargas Llosa, the record improved slightly last week and scored 17.9% on the eve of the expulsion of young Arthur, it is brief. Nearly 2.6 million attended the incorporation into the house Byamba Guadalix sumo champion, and the nomination of Martha, Reuben and Jhota.

Fared poorly at the Antena 3 with the issuance of the movie The Last Templar attracted only 10.9% of viewers. Then the series Without a Trace score of 9.8%. In four, after El Hormiguero Pablo Motos (8%), Castle series reached an average of 7.4 in three chapters. In the Sixth, Bones returned an average of 5.4% in two episodes and is a talk show Buenafuente flojísimo 4.9%.

After dinner, the girls at the dance academy Doña Adelina (Isabel Serrano) must show a link to the theater manager, not shown they can dance. Love in the turbulent period marked by 22.1% and 19.4% in La clone 1.

Spurted after the bridge Save me in the fight Telecinco Karmele Marchante - Mila Ximenes and defender spectators, Maria Teresa Campos, Manuel Santana asked the former to not let the program (18.3% with two million viewers). By late afternoon, Christian Galvez exceed 20% (20.2) with Pasapalabra and Karlos Arguiñano in Antena 3 cooked to 13.6%.

In the morning, Special Report 1 by the presence of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in Congress to report on the state of alarm, which echoed the events today, attended by 470,000 people and scored 15.5%. She beat Ana Rosa Quintana, but with 15.9%, whereas the Emma Garcia and Women and men, and vice versa score 14.6%. Susanna Griso Antena 3 is reached in 12.6% with public mirror. Ver El Clon Capitulo 181 Final Online.

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