El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 34

El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 34, In an interview with Maxine Woodside, Osvaldo Ríos, who plays "Osvaldo Sandoval" in the soap opera "The Triumph of Love", felt that the character "in a situation that many homes in Mexico and Latin America, successful man who admired and loved by his fans , however, treats his wife does not give time, love he needs. "

"Osvaldo Sandoval is an artist and artists are creatures who are very emotional, very skin, very impulsive, very temperamental, so in the sense that requires a lot of love, attention, hug a lot, a lot of bed ... the characters feel ignored, after 20 years of marriage , where he has indeed been faithful, had given place to his wife but when he invited to the event he does not want to go, when you do not like it ... there comes a time when considering whether such a man is admired and desired by the woman he loved, " he said.

In this story, "Osvaldo" fill that gap with "Linda", performed by Dorismar.

About criminals who gives life Guillermo Garcia Cantu, the actor said "I hate, we do dumbbell I think that people who enjoy it, friendship is a veiled hatred ... is to make a great character."

Osvaldo Rios mentioned that currently he does not make the trip to Puerto Rico or Miami, where he lives, because it is one hundred percent with the recording of the telenovela. In Mexico, accompanied by his wife and youngest child.

El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 35,He said the players from the rest of the telenovela of December 23 to January 2 this holiday season to share with their families. This is the first time Puerto Ricans celebrate Christmas and New Year in Mexico City and will bring some members of his family.

On 20 December release "The Triumph of Love" in the United States through Univision at 9 pm, said the actor.

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