El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 35

Triunfo del amor telenovela capitulo currently enjoy doing a lot of viewers, after triunfo del amor a very positive acclaim from fans and even many of the reviews about tenovela triunfo del amor capitulo 35 36, This is a glimpse of the players Triunfo del amor capitulo.

Mariana Rios, a member of the soap opera "The Triumph of Love, said he was happy to be part of the project and got good reviews from viewers for his work, he played the character of Mary Magdalene.

In an interview for "Amazing Formula" by Flor Rubio, said the character of life in a melodrama who suffer physical and psychological violence by a male prostitute, however, his life changed by believing have found the mother, the role played by the actress Victoria Ruffo.

He added that the characters are not bad, but "difficult, of course he's looking for his welfare, be it economic, either live or whatever, not that it is a beginner or interested, life has not played a very strong, very raw," he said.

He said the clothing that is used for a novel that is very sexy because at the moment is going through hard times like the prostituted by the people he lived.

"It's for sale is always sold, super low-cut, super-fit, mesh stockings, do not deny it, he's good, dress well for all parties," he said.

Mariana Rios recalled that during the auditions for "Triumph of Love," an audition for other characters, however, producers asked her to do that Mary Magdalene, who did not object, because, he said, since the time wanted to work again with Salvador Mejia.

He added that it is a guarantee that the operator Mejia led the project, because he knows his job and the amount of experience.

"With him and things are good, if they had put the choice, would choose to return to work with Salvador Mejia," said the actress.

On the other hand, says that during the absence from the small screen, use the time to be with his mother, who lives in Aguascalientes and delicate health.

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