lunar eclipse december 2010

lunar eclipse december 2010, Let's see the Geminids meteor rain will happen a few more days, according to some sources that I read from online media, this is what I quoted from citystatetimes.

Last December 13, 2010, star gazers and sky watchers enjoy a bright Geminid meteor shower. For those who yearn to watch and witness this phenomenon, do not worry because this December 21, 2010 there will be a meteor shower - meteor shower Ursids according to

Meteor Shower Ursids not considered bright enough as the Geminids, but the stars and the moon and obedience in a very good position on this night that Ursids meteor shower will be visible.

There will be a Lunar Eclipse on 20 or 21 depending on the area and as such, we will have a dark sky, but the stars will be brighter and visible meteor shower. Do not see diagram above to see in which countries in December 2010 Lunar Eclipse can be seen. Total lunar eclipse december 2010

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