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Rakta Charitra Part 2 Movie Online, Manufacturer M.S. Raju says you can not blame it all on the stars. "Stars and directors have their own reasons for demanding a large amount, but we, as producers, must know where to draw the line. We need to find better alternatives and choose the one that suits our purpose. Restrictions several experienced producers, others kebanyakan have damaged the market with their inexperience in the business of filmmaking. They jack up payments without star proper budget estimates, and bring industry to the brink. If the budget does not rein in, the industry will move from bad to worse, "he warned.

New-age filmmakers Vamsi Paidipally agree that the budget is key. "We are enjoying the fruit by wrapping Brindavanam, although a large star cast, the budget has been determined, to leave a comfortable profit margins for producers, distributors and exhibitors. We did not lose` `8 to 10 crore due to piracy because the Government is not serious about to limit this threat. So, I prefer to make all my films, even those with big stars, in the budget to show the film that can become a viable business option, "he said.

Yet another lackluster performance of the production of a big ticket like Puli, Mahesh Khaleja and Orange have been financially catastrophic for the distributor. "A Thunder distributors who lost weight on Puli and Mahesh Khaleja committed suicide at the distribution office. A lot of distributors who buy film that is too high for the amount of suffering in silence," said a leading distributor on condition of anonymity.

Rajkumar, a co-producer Raktha Charitra 1, and 2 who live in a pre-determined budget, blaming piracy for the crisis. "Hundreds of crores lost within piracy every year but no one took the initiative to curb it. CD Raktha Charitra and Orange are being sold, and available for download, a day after it was released in theaters. The industry should fight unitedly to threaten, this time, manufacturers must pay a single battle to save their big investment, "he rues.

This is a black-market cinema tickets which frighten the audience, according to a leading manufacturer of anonymity. "Even in remote areas such as Repalle, a Rs 20 tickets were sold for Rs 100 for drawing large openings, fleecing the poor viewer. Black ticket sales are indirectly encouraging piracy, the centers B and C as viewers prefer to watch a CD with three pirated movies only Rs 20. malpractices are undecided our audience base and right now the original audience stood in a little 30 percent, "he said.

Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Online , The government's decision to slap the AP VAT Rs 40,000 per movie is like a final nail in the coffin. "We pay Rs 40,000 per film and has definitely become a big financial burden on us. Other states like Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have not introduced VAT on film. No doubt the industry has reached the road block but we will do our best to return it to the rail, "said Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Secretary General, Telugu Film Producers' Council. Rakta Charitra 2 - Review,Watch Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Online, Download Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Online Streaming. Rakta चरित्र मूवी 2 ऑनलाइन.

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