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News Today: Here's a quick review of Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Online, Watch Rakta Charitra 2 Online Movie, this review as well as his comments the actor. Backed by the success of Rakta Charitra Part-1, Ramu finally came out with more secrets and conclusions in the second part.

However, the censor board has given the film Rakta Charitra 2 with 'A' for his coarse language. Also watch Rakta Charitra photo gallery According to sources, Ramu has introduced the best in Charitra Rakta 2, forcing people to visit the cinema to see the full theme of the film.

Rakta Charitra is based on political competition. Film Rakta Charitra 1 released in two languages Hindi and Telugu but Rakta Charitra 2 will be released in three languages, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The people, who watched the first part, must consider the second part. Film Rakta Charitra 2 has hardness lower than the first verson.

The movie stars Suriya, Vivek Oberoi, and Priyamani in lead role along with Shatrughan Sinha, Radhika Apte and Ashish Vidhyarthi. Suriya performance in this film is extraordinary.

How does it work with Ram Gopal Varma?
Sir Ramu is not disturbed about the regular pattern of filmmaking. For him it's about characters, their emotions. This is interesting.

What is different about this movie?
I would say that the curve of the upper works of the other.

Whether working in the Bollywood film departure after South discipline?
I work totally stress-free. I was told to concentrate on my emotions. It was about bringing what's on paper to the screen. I'm not bothered though do not know Hindi very well.

How do you manage Hindi?
I understand Hindi, but I'm not so good. I took two months to learn it. You have won many awards and your talent is much talk about. But only I know my weaknesses. I felt other people were actors more spontaneous than I am. I feel I will do better in the second and third take.

Ramu and not allow it?
No, it was the first take with him, I must admit that I am clay in the hands of my director. I have worked with the director of fantastic and they have given me the image I have.

You have worked with Mani Ratnam. How different he is from Ramu?
I started my career with Mani Sir and do Yuva with him. Both are very passionate about their filmmaking. Mani Sir had a plan scene. He allowed his actors to do it. But he was very clear about the emotion. Both have their strengths and both are equally strong.

What feedback have you received?
Important person in the sensors tell me that my father was part of a very good movie and the trailer has impressed people. Do you see yourself doing more Hindi movies? It would be nice to do Hindi films, perhaps one or two years, but I must improve my Hindi.

B'wood hero you want to work with? I saw Deepika in Love Kal Aaj. He was very good. I like Sonam too and so many others. raktha charithra 2 movie online, Rakta Charitra Part 2 Movie Online.

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