Flames Of Desire

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Flames Of Desire Korean Drama 2010 욕망의 불꽃, In accordance with its title, the Korean drama directed by Ho Baek Min ascertains the story of the struggle for wealth, greed, scandal, to the darkest side of a human. Everything is arranged neatly in the 50 episode drama. Long enough compared to the Korean dramas that typically only a dozen episodes.

This romantic drama genre Drama appoint Kim family as the main character. Kim family is a very wealthy family. Even called chaebol, a conglomerate that title to the family fortune could be akin to wealth Jun Pyo in the series Boys Over Flowers.

Kim Tae Jin, the president of K Group Enterprise's Company, is the owner of power.
He managed to build his business empire ranging from zero to deserve the title of chaebol. A person who is successful in his job but can be judged to be successful in fostering family.

After having three sons and a daughter, only to realize that his wealth backfire for him. Power and wealth makes people around him are eager to master his property.
And as someone who has the power, Tae Jin certainly wants to expand his power. One son of Kim Tae Jin was Kim Young Min. Kim Young Min is a good father and husband.

Tae Jin could have competed with his older brother to seize his father's wealth. But he chose retreat from the competition and go through life with a lot of good values.

He believes that in order to remain strong, a family must be united. The values of compassion and understanding its deeper than other siblings. However, all mental though fall when there is the fact that it was revealed that his wife, Yoo Na-young, had an illegitimate child.

Yoo Na Young, his wife, portrayed as a woman who was greedy and cruel. A devil is hiding behind the sweet smile of a woman. After various events in his life experienced a 41-year-old, he came to the conclusion that someone had to fight hard, even justifies any means, in order to live happily.

Based upon the nature of the greedy and ambitious, Na Young even bear to manipulate her husband and children to achieve greatness in accordance with its ambition. Na Young's character seemed to be the core of this drama. Blogger Garut Website.

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