Secret Garden Ep 19 Eng Sub

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Chae Rin tantrum because Oska did not pick up the phone. Yes, Chae Rin Won Joo is a woman who was kissed by Oska see that morning. Chae Rin threatened to reveal their relationship to the media. Chae Rin is very upset. And practice again with Ra Im using a sword.

Im Joo Won brings Ra, which he thinks is Chae Rin, to the hotel. There, Joo Won Ra Im told to go ahead into the elevator. Apparently Joo Won has claustrophobia. Phobic towards small room. Joo Won So afraid to take the elevator. As a result, Joo Won had to take emergency steps eleven floors in order to meet with Ra Im. After much talking, Joo Won finally realized that he brought the wrong people. They went back into the set.

Ra Im back to continue shooting. Joo Won Ra Im stunned to see the skill in playing the sword. Finally Joo Won Im aware that Ra is a stuntwoman. The meeting was continued to imagine a moment in memory Joo Won. Even at home, Joo Won often see Ra Im. And that is just hallucination alone. Unable to bear the presence of Ra Im in his imagination, Joo Won requesting a phone number to Ra Im Chae Rin.

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