Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 61

Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 61 62, Triunfo Del Amor Capítulo 61 Online, Triunfo del Amor Capítulo 60 Viernes 14 de Enero, Triunfo del Amor, Capítulo 62, Ver El Triunfo del Amor Capítulo 63 Viernes 14 Enero, El triunfo del amor capitulo 64, El Triunfo del Amor capitulo 65 Telenovela, Telenovela Triunfo del Amor Capitulo 61. Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 61, After his death in the soap opera 'Triumph of Love', the player is ready for a possible return if requested to do so. Mexican singer Pablo Montero caused a stir in the audience at the Plaza de las Estrellas, where he thanked the public support he has given the telenovela "Triumph of Love."

Surrounded by a half-dozen television cameras, the artist welcomed the interest shown in him and believes that his presence there is due to records from the telenovela "Triumph of Love. "First and foremost a respect for all people in the hope that this year has a lot of health, the most important. Personally I am very happy with everything going on, especially with the soap and have the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Year with my family, "he said.

Overwhelming that this year will release another album and bolero ranchera music, which include "Flower", an issue that is playing in the soap. I have also to door promoting my album in the U.S. and making documentary films about migrants living in the American Union, as well as some shows in Mexico, some with Ana Barbara," he said.

He explained that the procedure will be in New York and New Mexico, where he not only immigration status, but discrimination against Latinos. In three months I would travel constantly to meet my commitments in Mexico and the United States. Details of the film will give them when making a press conference," he said.

Paul Montero appeared on stage at the Plaza de las Estrellas, like the actress María Prado acclaim from the audience when translating traces of his hand, a situation that stole the camera talents TV Azteca. In performing the escape, Montero followed by some media gathered at the Paseo de las Luminarias.

This event is caused when the ease, when the actor Manuel "Flaco" Ibanez back he joked: ". Slouch What are you, you take all the cameras to Maria Prado, is now telling them to return. Blogger Garut Website

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